Sensory Grab Bag

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Perfect for 'on the go', this Grab Bag and selection of sensory toys will keep your little ones occupied in the car, on holiday, at Grandma's, or when they just need some quiet time.

The bag doubles up as a play mat so when the play is over, simply scoop the toys up in the mat and turn it back into a drawstring bag, keeping everything safe inside it. 

It's very handy, takes up very little space and you'll be reaching for it time and time again.


1 x Rainbow Squishy Mesh Ball

1 x Stretchy Caterpillar

1 x Wooden Lacing Shoe

1 x Rainbow Springy

1 x Wooden Miragescope

1 x Liquid Timer

1 x Tentacle Ball

1 x Grab Mat & Bag

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