Interactive LED Light Tube 150mm x 1800mm H

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Great for a focal point of any sensory area. Create calming & mesmerising effects with this very low maintenance LED Light Tube.

It has 16 different modes including a sound to light response mode. 

Can be used in a 'calming mode' (ie. with no interaction from the user and the light tube slowly scrolls through its different effects automatically) or 'interactively' when used with any of our remote controls (sold separately). 

The LED Light Tube comes in different sizes as follows:

150mm x 700mm H

150mm x 800mm H

150mm x 1100mm H

150mm x 1200mmH

150mm x 1250mm H

150mm x 1450mm H

We would recommend the use of a steel wall bracket for Light Tubes of 1450mm height and over (sold separately).

Plinths to house the LED Light Tubes are available separately if required.

Please contact us for any items which are not on our website.

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