Bamboo Tactile Fibre Optics 15 strands x 1m

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These bright LED Fibre Optics are incredibly tactile and visually appealing.

They are the thickness of a pencil and are highly recommended for stronger users, biters, public play areas and are appealing for the elderly. They are made from an antibacterial polymer.

This option is for 15 strands x 1m complete with a cool running colour lightsource.

Other size options available are:

15 strands x 2m

20 strands x 1m

20 strands x 1.5m

20 strands x 2m

The colour lightsource is interactive and ready for use with our remote controls and colour cube (sold separately).

The fibre optics can be used as a standalone product or built into a bubble tube or light tube plinth adding a nice visual & tactile element to a corner seating area.

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