SEB Sensory Suites - SEB UV Suite

UV Rooms or Dark Rooms are a special sensory resource used for visual assessment work. The UV room requires full blackout and tends to be decorated in dark colours. Ideally, the room should be quiet, allowing the user to fully focus on the activities being carried out.

This UV Suite consists of the following products:

1 x LED Light Tube 150mm x 1800mm H

1 x Wall Bracket for LED Light Tube

1 x Ultra Violet Sparkleflex harness 150 strands x 2000m

2 x LED White Twinkle Lightsource

1 x Ultra Violet Rainbow Tactile Mat 500mm x 500mm

1 x Ultra Violet Drop Swing Out Integral LED Fibre Optic Curtain 1m x 2m drop

1 x Wall / Ceiling mounted Fibre Optic Carpet (mounted on an MDF board with a Black architrave edging)

1 x 3D Infinity Tunnel with remote control

1 x Padded Wall Surround to house Infinity Tunnel

1 x Curved Plinth to house Light Tube 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm H

1 x Pair of Heavy Duty Rear Soft Padded Mirrors for corner plinth 1000mm x 1600mm H

1 x Interactive Lighting Control system

1 x Interactive Sound to Light Panel

2 x 50 watt Ultra Violet Flood Light

1 x 8 button Oval Remote Control

1 x UV Specialist Kit Box

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SEB Sensory Suites -  SEB UV Suite