SEB Sensory Suites - SEB Premium Interactive Suite

Our SEB Interactive Suite contains everything that our Calming Corner and Premium Suite has to offer, but with even more interactive products and a bigger space. Multiple users can enjoy the benefits at the same time.  Relax on the vibrating waterbed, enjoy some tactile stimulation, work on cause & effect skills and many more, whilst being in a safe & relaxing environment surrounded by their favourite music and scents. The possibilities are endless with our SEB Premium Interactive Suite.

Benefits include: Cause & effect, colour & shape recognition, music & sound therapy, tactile stimulation, switching skills, motor skills.

Perfect for use in: schools, nurseries, care home, NHS and in the home.

The suite contains:

1 x Interactive Bubble Tube 150mm x 1800mm H

1 x Wall Bracket for Interactive Bubble Tube

1 x Curved Plinth for Bubble Tube 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm H

1 x Pair of Acrylic Mirrors 1000mm x 1600mm H

1 x Bamboo Tactile Fibre Optics 2000mm x 15 strands

1 x Vibrating Water Bed 2000mm x 1000mm with heater

1 x Fibre Optic Wall Carpet 2000mm x 1000mm 

2 x LED Colour Lightsource

1 x Opti Solar Projector + 3 effects wheels

1 x 3D Infinity Tunnel with Remote Control & vinyl wall surround

1 x Interactive Sound to Light Panel

1 x Tactile Panel - Frankie the Tortoise

1 x Ambient Light System complete with LED Lighting, controller & software

1 x 8 Button Wireless Oval Remote Control

1 x Music System - include music amplifier & 4 ceiling speakers

1 x Nebulising scent machine with 3 fragrance capacity

1 x  7" tablet with preloaded App 

1 x Soft Cube Colour changing Remote Control

1 x Cupboard

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SEB Sensory Suites - SEB Premium Interactive Suite