SEB Sensory Suites - SEB Calming Corner

Transform a corner of a room into a sensory experience for individuals to escape to. Create a space which is relaxing, comforting and fun.

This is a perfect stand-alone package or can be used as a base upon which to add further products to build a larger sensory room as and when additional funds are available.

Ideal for use: at home, waiting rooms, schools, nurseries, care homes.

This calming sensory corner package contains the following:

1 x Interactive LED Light Tube 150mm x 1800mm H

1 x Wall Bracket for LED Light Tube

1 x Colour LED Fibre Optics 1m x 100 strands

1 x Colour LED Lightsource

2 x Acrylic Mirrors 1000mm x 1600mm H

1 x Curved Plinth for Light Tube (1000 x 1000 x 500mm high) - (colour options available)

1 x SEB Sensory Relaxation CD


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SEB Sensory Suites  - SEB Calming Corner