Light & Colour

These products help to create a stimulating environment to encourage creative learning. 

Perfect for any nursery, day centre or for home use. 

A2 Folding Light Table Set
Low-level table with A2 Light Panel which fits on top. Table legs lock..
£203.99 Ex Tax: £169.99
Jumbo Colour Mixing Shapes - Pack of 6
Pack of 6 giant translucent colour acrylic shapes. Ideal for shape and..
£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Sensory Mood Light Table
This ultra-strong illuminated hollow plastic table is an aesthetically..
£215.99 Ex Tax: £179.99
Splats - Set of 10
Includes primary and secondary colours, black, white, clear and a dou..
£20.39 Ex Tax: £16.99
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