Mirrors are incredibly popular tools for helping children to discover themselves and to become familiar with their own face and expressions.

Acrylic Mirror 9 Convex 780mm
Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are both safe ..
£101.99 Ex Tax: £84.99
Expression Mirror Faces - Pack of 10
Set of 10 safe plastic mirrors, cut out to resemble a child’s head sha..
£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99
Foam Surround Mirrors - Set of 5
Pack of 5 Safe acrylic mirrors with EVA surrounds are 30mm thick so th..
£47.99 Ex Tax: £39.99
Large Mirror Block - 8 piece set
Pack of 8 large rubberwood shapes with double sided acrylic mirror ins..
£33.59 Ex Tax: £27.99
Softie Mirror Exploratory Blue
Made from rigid foam, the Mirror Exploratory is ideal for use in imagi..
£83.99 Ex Tax: £69.99
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