Benefits of music include:

  • Aids with speech and communication - can help to develop language skills
  • Helps boost self-confidence
  • Allows self-expression
  • Strengthens hands and helps with rehabilitation
  • Encourages social interaction 
  • Helps with motor skills
  • Teaches cause and effect skills

Confetti Music Table
Play the drum, or the xylophone, or both. Join the band with matching ..
£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83
Interactive LED Light Tube 150mm x 1800mm H
Great for a focal point of any sensory area. Create calming & mesm..
£1,022.70 Ex Tax: £852.25
Lion Tambourine
Beautiful Lion Tambourine for children, hand painted in bright colour..
£7.99 Ex Tax: £6.66
Lion Xylophone
Brightly coloured, wooden toy xylophone for children in the design of..
£14.99 Ex Tax: £12.49
Musical Puzzle – Friends of the Farm
Friends of the Farm is a wooden tray puzzle that makes sounds! 5 baby ..
£21.40 Ex Tax: £17.83
Musical Set
5 piece matching set with bright polka dots. A budding musician’s drea..
£47.99 Ex Tax: £39.99
Pirate Music Box
This beautifully crafted wooden musical carousel featuring adorable l..
£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99
Red Xylo Roller
This red Xylo Roller Toy is a stylish all-wooden, pull-along toy that ..
£42.79 Ex Tax: £35.66
Safari Musical Carousel
This beautifully crafted wooden musical carousel featuring four safar..
£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83
SEB Relaxation CD - Flowing Floating Falling
Perfect for setting the mood for a relaxing & calming session in t..
£7.99 Ex Tax: £6.66
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