Multi-Sensory Environments

What is Multi-Sensory?

Introduced in the 1970s, Multi-Sensory or Snoezelen Rooms were predominantly used for people with mental illnesses and disabilities.

Today, Multi-Sensory Rooms and products provide so much more.

Research has shown they can improve the health, social well-being and the general quality of life for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities. They can open up a whole new world benefitting physical and mental difficulties, including Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Here at SEB Sensory we have the resources and sensory experts to create, plan and provide for your needs. We offer a range of Multi-Sensory and Immersive solutions:

  • Standard Rooms
  • Bespoke Rooms
  • Pop up Portable
  • Fully Portable
  • Long Life Modular Re-locatable
  • Fixed

The potential gains include:

  • Creating a sense of cause and effect
  • Creating a sense of fun and enjoyment
  • Improving communication and sharing
  • Improving mood resulting in less aggressive behaviour and more calmness
  • Increasing concentration and more focused attention
  • More developed senses - hearing, sight, smell, touch & taste
  • Promoting relaxation - stress levels reduce dramatically
  • Promoting social interaction
  • Providing a safe environment where users are able to make choices for themselves
  • Providing a welcome relief from pain and painful treatments

People who suffer from physical and mental disabilities may connect differently with the world as we see it. Their disabilities often result in limitations, be it of vision, sound, cognitive ability, perception issues or movement.

These and other conditions create barriers to a more fulfilling life.

With appropriate guidance and products tailored to maximise your space, budget and care needs, we can help you achieve the required sensory inputs in a safe and controlled environment.

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Multi-Sensory Environments

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